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Insanity is all around us. Poverty, War, Violence, Arguments, Greed, Abuse, Pain, Suffering, Crime, Injustice, Indifference, Intolerance, Hate .... it's Time for me to speak out blogging. You never know what you may find here.



Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let's Get the Blog Rolling!

I have not made the posts I want to as of right now.... I am in the middle of join and enrolling in blog groups and communities. It takes a couple of days to get connected into the groups/networks.

My Lunatic Ravings shall start soon... Readers Beware!

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Carol said...

Welcome Aboard the Peace Train,
I have added you to the links on my site.
Nice Header!

KAK said...

Lets get your peace train rolling louder girl! We are like minded...see my Feb 9 blog entry. Some hope!!!