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Monday, January 28, 2008

How to Kill a Blogger

LOL - Seems too easy to set up a blog.. it is to a certian extent. But problems can arise if you are trying to go more 'Professional'. Some will quit blogging for interesting reasons. I've got a small list of problems that we bloggers have to face and why some quit [in no order]:

1. Communities. Some are easy to get into and very glad to have you join. Other places are 'hard-nosed' and you have to meet their 'standards'. I've recieved rejections from 3 different communities - but working on getting in with them. Some will quit because they cannot get into the 'higher groups'.

2. Money. Others find they don't have the money to get started. A lot of places have monthly fees for you to join and start a blog. Blogger, Opera, LiveJournal, 360 etc.... all offer a place to blog for free. But I've met some that feel this isn't very professional - suck up if you ask me! Nothing wrong with being able to blog for free.

3. Ads. I agree, it's impossible to make money from ads on your site(s). Google AdSense, WidgetBucks and All Posters are just examples of ads we add to our blogs. Most people do not click on the adds... they seem to be there for show. I will keep mine - every little bit helps. I have met bloggers that decided to quit blogging because ads aren't paying off.

4. Time. Most popular answer is most find they don't have the time to blog. Things change in our lives, sometimes making it impossible to continue to do the things we love. Family, Job, Hobbies etc... this will end a blog.

5. Critics. Some will give in to peer pressure and criticism. People will give others bad reviews and a bad time... which can cause one to give up their blogs. I find most of this is caused over jealousy or a difference of opinion/beliefs. Me: I don't care if I make others mad with my blogs. Gives me more fuel to keep blogging.

6. Writers Block. A bad case of writer's block will terminate a blog fast. It happens to all writers and bloggers from time to time - but sometimes it seems to never end. The mind isn't free enough to think what to write about.

7. Bad Writing. Some find they aren't good writers or feel that way. This is usually caused by low self-esteem or just because they simply aren't good writers. And back to critics - some are told by others they suck so the writer/blogger will give up. I will blog anyway.... bad writing or not.

8. Payday. If you are a member of Pay-Per-Post [or another place similar] and you are not making money blogging this way, you will quit blogging. This is a sure fire way to kill a blogger. I just signed up to Pay-Per-Post but I can't start with them yet... my blog submitted isn't 90 days old LOL!

9. Not New. The Newness wears off. It was fun in the beginning and now seems old and worn. Time for a change something new. It's not fun any more.

10. No readers. Some find out they have no readers - they aren't sure how to promote their blogs to gain readers. This is [my guess] the number one reason bloggers quit.

I'm quite sure there are other ways to kill a blogger... but this is some of the most common ways.

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Sue said...

Interesting post. I assume this is mostly for people who wish to blog for money.

KAK said...

All you say seems to make sense. I work hard all summer and normally sit on my ass all winter. This winter I decided to do more than sit on my ass, so here I am blogging. How I am doing, how I am being rated, I don't know. Yes a following would be nice, I do hope I can keep it up in my busy summer months. The worst that can happen is I could cut a finger off at work because my mind is on producing a nightly blog post. Lets see how it goes. Making money at it would be nice but that is not why I am here. The ignorance of this american public is why I do this, with the hope that I can make a difference.

Thank you

toingks said...

These are all true and I think I should be dead right now but hey, I'm still here alive and blogging ... have a nice day and I do hope to see you again dropping a card :D

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Rule 1. People comment and come to a blog that comments back.

Rule 2. See rule 1.

moongoddesslae said...

I luv ur posts!I do!!My friends call me Luna..hahah!short for LUNATIC!

KAK said...

Luna Lovely!

CableGirl said...

Interesting list, but I'm assuming that none of those reasons really apply to people who blog for themselves. I'm not in it for money, for notoriety, for a sense of community, or for praise. I like to blog because it gives me an outlet to say whatever I want. I have never subscribed to any of the blogger groups you mentioned because I just don't see the point. Unless you're trolling for hits, what's the point. I've found a cool group of fellow bloggers and that's good enough for me.

Kelly said...

After reading your first 6 posts, I have to say.... I like what ya got to say. It's a shame, people are blogging now just for the money or to fit in with a group or the notoriety. I always thought the whole point of blogging was to vent your feelings, make a point or stretch your creative legs and relax, man.

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novor said...

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