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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Bird Shits in Reporter's Mouth

This came from a friend.... thought I'd share it here!

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KAK said...

Thank you for my first good laugh of the day. I have a motorcycle that I used to park under the elec. line, when I'd go out mornings it would be splatered. I have become convinced birds have a sense of humor and enjoy their games. I don't park under wires anymore.
Good luck

Lunatic Lodge said...


Now you know why I'd rather fly over the cuckoo's nest!

CableGirl said...

Seriously though, the guy had it coming. I mean, who looks up with his mouth open under a canopy of birds? lol

Kelly said...

I agree, that dude is a dumbass for having his mouth open, looking up. Didn't he hear the birds chirping? I enjoy watching the moronic get their just "desserts". In this case, it appears as though he tasted some Avian a la mode. Heh heh.